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NOLA BASEBALL FALL TRYOUTS 2014*  Please See below contacts for all Coach's and Teams***

UNO to Launch UPPER DIVISION TRYOUTS(We moved Tryouts up to Sunday August 24th*(Please note we will order uniforms and Tuition) Will be Starting*
(See Todd Buster/Justin Garcia)*
$50 Tryout Fee*

Sunday August 24th@ UNO-11:00AM-3:00 PM
Tuesday August 26th@ Big Easy Sports Plex 5:45-8:00PM
Saturday August 30-31st TBA*
September 12-14th@UNO

Fall Schedule* Only Month of September Posted*
August 24th@UNO 11:00-3PM(Workouts/Tryouts/showcase*)
August 26th@Big Easy Sportsplex 5:45PM-8:15PM(Showcase)
September 6/7th @ ULM/La Tech(All)
SEptember 12-14th@ UNO or TBA*(All)
September 20/21@ Jackson ST/SLU(All)
September 26-28th(Texas Perfect Game Qaulifier) Selected Roster

Nola Baseball Ends the Year with The "Nola Games", This year we will introduce our 5 new members into the "Nola Baseball" Hall of Fame. These Players have been with the Club for 5 years or more and have made significant contributions to the club both on the field and off the field, they have and will always be remembered as the innugural Class at Nola Baseball. Please Note we would like all players to attend/We will also Recognize all players who signed 2014 Season*(See List at Bottom of Page)

ZJ Buster INF (LA Tech)
Michael Smith RHP(BRCC)
Logan Taravella RHP(Delgado)
Tyler StPhilip INF(ULL)
Brandon Sequeira RHP(Tulane)

We will also Include the Selling of Premium Jersey's/Nola Raffle for Tuition $20 Per Ticket(1 Year Of Free Tuition) Fall 2014-Fall 2015*
All Players Attire August 2nd:
White Pants/White Dry Fits*

Nola Baseball Monsters  Would like to welcome New Head Coach Justin Garcia, former UNO player and Coach. Coach Garcia will Assume Responsibilty for NOLA Monsters 17u
(Feature Team-2015-2016 GRADS).

Todd, will Run:
Operations/Tourney's/Player Personnel/Camps/Facility**
The Hiring of Coach Garcia is going to be Huge for our Club***
We also want to welcome Coach Rob Robique to the Club
FOrmerly LA Outlaws, will be Head COACH OF THE "NOLA DRIVE"
Also Jason Hawkins has joined the staff, Nola Pine Belt, will play as 2014 Fall and Beyond.

Nola Baseball Players who Made Perfect Game All Tourney Team's 18U National Championship's(Georgia)

Bryce Tassin RHP(Walker HS) 2015 Grad(.500/1-0)
Ben Barnes C/INF(Doyle HS) 2015 Grad(.388)
Peyton Lacoste INF(St Paul HS) 2015 Grad(.500)
Michael Smith RHP(Pearl River HS) 2014 Grad(2-0/13K's)
Parker Morris OF(Northshore HS) 2015 Grad(.427/4doubles/2-3B)
Zach Tripp OF(John Curtis HS) 2014 Grad(.400)
Kyle Nevels OF(Walker HS) 2016 Grad(.375)

Notable Players(WWBA)
Tyler Pigott LHP(Doyle HS) 2015 Grad(1-0/9k's 1 Save)
Trevor buster INF(St Paul HS) 2016 Grad(.444)
Zack Hansen LHP(Live Oak HS) 2015 Grad(0-1, 6ks)
Jacob Cabalerro C(Ascension Cath HS) 2015 Grad(.399)
Tate Pepper C(Ocean Springs HS) 2016 Grad(.350)
Tad Richard INF(Central HS) 2016 Grad(.425)

Perfect Game Press Release:
PG has Mentioned "Nola Baseball Club" as one of the Organization's to Watch List 2014, see PerfectGame.ORG for Listed Organizations*
"We are Extremely Proud of all the Players who have been a part of our 9 Year's"
(This is for all of you who helped make this possible*)

Giving Back 2014: Nola Baseball is Proud to Partner
This will Take Place June 19-22nd @ UNO
(ALL TEAMS WILL PARTICIPATE) More Details to follow.

Partnership with the Vs. Cancer Foundation
-I am really excited to be partnering with Vs. Cancer for our PG Super25 Vs. Cancer campaign.  For more information about the foundation, visit http://vs-cancer.org/
-Final plans are still in the works, Super25 Nationals in McKinney, TX. 
-All Nola the teams will have the chance to set up fundraising pages and raise money for the foundation.  Half of the money will go to the leading cancer research in the nation, while the other half will support the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas (Nearest children’s hospital to the event).  I will keep you updated with details as we start to finalize the plans.

Special Guest Berkeley Mardis*
Perfect Game Events 2014:
For ages 9U-18U*
This Fall will be our launch of perfect game super 25 events 2014* Perfect game the premier upper division BAseball Events will come to La/Miss(See Super 25 details at Perfectgame.org)

In case you haven't heard:

Nola Baseball Players Travel to Miami for 2014 "POWERSHOWCASE" Live from Miami Marlins Stadium.

6u Nola Dragons(Richard Parker)
7u Nola Baseball*TBA Coach*
 Nola Avengers(Mike Fernandez) Coach pitch*
9u-Nola Monsters (mike arnold)
9U- Nola Pine Belt(Jason Hawkins)
10u- Nola Monsters(Todd Buster/Jeff Prejean)
- Nola Storm (Kevin Cherry)
12U- Nola Monsters(TBA)
13U- Nola Blue Jays Baseball(Cameron Lewis)
14u- Nola Monsters(Justin Garcia/Kal Bonura)
15U- Nola Tigers(Anthony Taravella)
16U- Nola Rockies(Jason Helmstetter/Ryan O'shea) 2017 Grads*
16U- Nola Elite (Asa Faulkner)
17U- Nola Privateers(TBA) 2016 Grads*
17u- Nola Gold(Jeff Ard) 2015/2016 Grads*
18u/16u- Nola Pine Belt(Jason Hawkins) 2015/2016 Grads
18u-Nola Drive(Rob Robique) 2015/2016 Grads
18U- Nola Monsters(Justin Garcia) 2015 Grads*
18-20U-Nola Bandits(TBA)2014/2015 Grads*(College Returning)*
6/7u Nola Dragons(Fall Team Members) To Be Announced
Please Order Uniforms by August 22nd AnJ Sports*
Tuition Due August 29th(Paid to Nola Baseball)

Please note we will have a conference Call Early Next week(712-432-0926/Access Code 477879#) Monday 8/25* 9PM
We will Discuss Tuition/Uniform Fee/Practice/Playing Dates*

Dawson Dupala
Gavin Brown
Brody Buster
Milo Johnston
Parker Hawkins
Greyson Parker
Ethan Ballard
Nathan Pylant
Parker Robique
Stone Buras
Cole Burgett
Etan Ward
Brady Bordes
Bennett Mardis
7U Nola Monsters(Fall Team Members) To Be Announced
(Speak to Coach Mike Fernandez* As he will be point of contact for Early Team Discussions* See number below*

8U NOLA Avengers Fall Team (Coach Mike Fernandez) 504-416-5523

Avengers 8u 2014 Fall Team Members:
(All New Players to be added)
#1 Hayden Alonzo
#4 Connor LaCoste
#6 Alex Fernandez
#10 Quinn Boudreaux
#11 Aiden Boles
#17 Tyler Denning
#21 Peter Bilbe
#23 Luke Smith
#42 Paxton Amacker
#66 Alex Dodd
#5 Liam Murphy
#8 Bryce Bordes

Fall 2014/2015 Tryouts - Saturday, August 9th@Mandeville High School (10a.m.-2p.m.)
For Questions about Team and Tryouts Contact Mike @ 504-416-5523
9U Nola Monsters(Mike Arnold) 225-304-3664/Coachmikenola@yahoo.com
Practice will Start October 2nd 5:30-7:00PM*
(Thursday) @ Cedarwood 607 Heavens DR, Mandeville
10U Nola Monsters(Todd Buster)2014 Fall Team*
Monsters Fall 2014 Team Members:(Returning Players Only)

#3 Nicholas Howell
#17 Chase White
#1 Nolan Clark
#9 Brandon Buster
#6 Cayden Arnold
#2 Rhett Cantin 

11U NOLA Storm (Coach Kevin Cherry 504-252-2560)
Fall 2014/2015 Tryouts

2014 Storm Fall Team Roster
For questions(Tryouts), contact Kevin @ 504-252-2560

12U/13U Nola Monsters(TBA)

Nola Blue Jays/Nola Monsters 14U 

Head Coach(Justin Garcia/Kal Bonura)
2014 Nola Monsters Fall Season Roster(Returning Players)
#16 Dillon Todd CF/1B/LHP
#12 Desmond Sams SS/OF
#44 Jacob Boudreaux SS/OF/RHP
#15 Grant Bizette 3B/OF/RHP
#11 Colten Newsom C/1B
#50 Carson Caufield 1B/OF/LHP
#30 John Hamilton INF/OF
#29 Michael Fernandez 3B/OF
#5 Henry Alsobrook INF/OF
#48 Owen Hnatyshyn 1b/3B/RHP
#21 Nicholas Grayson INF/OF/RHP
#38 Jason Lemoine C/OF
#7 Taylor Pritchard LHP/1B

16U Nola Elite 2016 Grads(ASA Faulkner)
GAME INFO see below
Nola ELite Season 11-5

17U Nola Privateers 2015/2016 Grads(Jason Helmstetter)

18U Nola Gold(Jeff Ard/Brian Claverie/Clo Fontenot)

16u Nola Rockies(Ryan O'Shea)

19U/20u Nola Bandits(Mike Arnold)

18U Nola Monsters(Signature Team) Justin Garcia
GAME INFO(See Below) Please note multiple events for some weekends*
Also Venue May Change*
(Please follow Until Rosters are updated) 

Please see Game Attire Below******
Please Bring WOOD BAT/BBCore to all events**********
June 19-22@UNO/ULL(See Schedule Above)*
June 26-July 4th WWBA Perfect Game National Championship(Emerson,Georgia)
Roster will be announced(By Conference Call Tuesday June10th**)
June 26-28th Nicholls ST*16u/18u*
July 3-6th OFF/TBA
July 10-13th@LA TECH/ULM 
July 17-20th @Houston/Minute Maid(Marucci Invite)**
July 24-27th@Nola Games*@ Mandeville HS*/OLE MISS/SLU/ULL**

Fall 2013 Record 13-6-1
Spring Record 21-11-1
Overall Record 2014 *34-17-2

Dress code for games:

Each player must wear the designated shirt and pants for the specific day, black socks, black belts, and the Nola Baseball hat to every game.

15U-19U players must arrive at all games 75 minutes prior to scheduled start 

2014 Fall Season Schedule
August 24th@UNO 11:00-3PM
August 26th@ Big Easy SportsPlex 5:45-8:00PM
August 30/31st TBA(Live Intersquads)*
September 6/7th ULM/LA TEch
September 13/14th(TBA/UNO)
SeptEmber 20/21st Jackson ST/Miss College/SLU*)
September 24th-28th(Perfect Game Qualifier/Texas*)
October 4/5th East Central CC(Meridian)
October 11/12 Nicholls ST
October 18/19th TBA
October 25/26th TBA
November 1/2 TBA
November 8/9th TBA
November 15/16th TBA
November 22/23rd TBA

Class of 2011(11 College Signees) See Team Page for all Players
Class of 2012(27 College Signees) "           "
Class of 2013(56 College Signees) "           "
Class of 2014(44 to Date) See Team Page for All Players

Class of 2014 Signees: National Letter of Intents*
Bryce Brown OF (Jackson ST) Walker HS
Jarett Gongora RHP/INF(Delgado) Brother Martin
Michael Smith RHP(BRCC) Pearl River HS
Brice Johnston OF(ST Johns) Brother Martin
Erin Baldwin RHP (University of Houston/LSU-E)-Barbe HS
Brent Diaz C (LA Tech) Gulliver HS, Florida
CJ Avrard RHP(Delgado) Jesuit
Gage Lockwood INF(Bishop ST) Live Oak HS
Tyler St Philip INF (University of La Lafayette) ST Paul HS
Christian Volion OF(Delgado) Holy Cross
Blake Baker INF (UNO) Jesuit HS
ZJ Buster INF(Louisiana Tech) ST Paul HS
Blake Anderson C/RHP(USM)#36 Pick 2014 MLB Draft*
Logan Taravella RHP(Delgado CC) Holy Cross HS
Taylor Lane INF(University of Florida)*PG
Harry Chairs OF(Mc Neese ST) John Curtis HS
Khevan Brewer OF(Rice)*PG
Brandon Sequeira RHP(Tulane) Jesuit HS
Timmy Jourdan RHP(HInds CC) 
Matt Fontenot C(LA College) Hahnville HS
Patrick Daniels RHP(Pearl River CC)
Spencer Miller Utility(Delgado) Jesuit
Mossy Mueller INF(UNO) John Curtis
Christian Latino RHP(Delgado) Jesuit
Trey Ducote RHP(LA College) Pineville HS
Carter Hankins C (PRCC)*PG
James Licciardi RHP(Delgado) Jesuit
Collin Panks C (Bishop ST) Hammond High
Logan Phillips INF (La College) Buckeye HS
Zack Robicheaux RHP(LSU-Eunice) New Iberia HS*PG
Justin Nussbaum INF/RHP(Gulf Coast CC) Mandeville HS
Brandon Guillot INF(Delgado) Shaw
Christopher Miller RHP(William Carey)
Todd Porche INF/RHP(BRCC) Hanhnville HS
Zach Tripp OF(Bishop ST) John Curtis HS
Cody Evans C(Faulkner CC) Alabama
Tyler Schwaner RHP(Jones CC)*
Kevin Armstrong RHP(BRCC) Belle Chase HS
Dennis Cruz LHp/1B(Bishop ST) Puerto Rico*
Jacob Savoy RHP(Bishop ST)*Drive
Whitney Franklin 1B(Bishop ST) Amite High

Class of 2015/2016 Verbal's*
2015 Class your First Date of Contact is July 1st*(Coach's Can Call)
Bryce Tassin RHP(SLU) Walker HS
Zack Hansen LHP(Nich ST) Live Oak HS

2016 Class Your First Email Contact Date is September 1st 2014*
2015 National Letter of Intent Date is Nov 14th 2014**

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